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  • 2016/02/24
    Foreign companies used to invest billions of dollars into China's fast-growing manufacturing sector in the hopes of tapping into the world's most-populous market in the past three decades. Now manufacturing in the country is no longer as central to them as it used to be.Global companies, instead of ...
  • 2016/01/07
    Level of seasonal employment in Dongguan has fallen substantially from previous years The demand for seasonal winter workers has dropped this year by more than 50 percent in Dongguan, a major production base in Guangdong province, and one of the reasons may be the increasing use of robots, according...
  • 2015/06/22
    June 10 was a big day for Charlie Lee Wai-chung. That was the day the Lee Kum Kee chairman saw the solar photovoltaic power generation project at the company's Xinhui plant in Jiangmen come into operation, following six months of construction and installation. The project, which is part of Lee Kum K...
  • 2015/05/05
    More than 100 industrial robots have been installed at a zero-labor factory that is being built in Dongguan, a major manufacturing base in Guangdong province. The construction of the factory, the first of its kind in the province, marks an important step for the "robot assembly line" strategy that i...
  • 2014/09/09
    The Delta report was commissioned by InvestHK, a Hong Kong government department responsible for foreign direct investment, supporting overseas and mainland businesses aiming to establish or expand in Hong Kong. InvestHK's field of interest covers Hong Kong and the GPRD, which includes nine cities i...
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